Specialist Turntables & Accessories

In addition to the standard Ecoplat Plus, Masterplat Plus and Rotoplat turntables, Manupackaging can offer bespoke versions of all these systems with a number of additions or modifications.

Specialist Turntables & Accessories - Pic LP


Unless pallets are being loaded and offloaded with a forklift, turntables usually need to be dug into the floor for use with hand-operated pallet jacks.

Our Rotoplat and Masterplat Plus machines can also be supplied with low profile turntables just 31mm thick (over 50% less than standard), and can be additionally supplied with one-way, two-way, three way or 270° access ramps for easier loading and further protection from accidental damage to the turntable.

Specialist Turntables & Accessories - Pic TP3


These versions of the Rotoplat and Masterplat turntables feature a segment cut out of the main turntable and base, allowing for the loading and offloading of pallets in areas where forklifting or digging into the ground is not possible. The load access can be easily interchanged between left, right and front- loading directions.

The Masterplat TP3 is also available as an INOX (see below)

Specialist Turntables & Accessories - Pic INOX


The Rotoplat and Masterplat Plus is also available in stainless steel for use in the food industry and areas with high humidity levels thanks to is high resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Specialist Turntables & Accessories - Pic CHILL


A further specialist version of the Masterplat Plus is available with epoxy paint, temperature resistant oil and silicone coated cables is also available for use in freezer environments as low as -30°C.

Specialist Turntables & Accessories - Pic DW


The Rotoplat DW and DWC turntables are dedicated to the wrapping of single doors, windows and other finished and semi-finished large products in the manufacturing industry. Featuring adjustable top and bottom manual product locks, the item is securely yet delicately held in placed throughout the wrap process.

Specialist Turntables & Accessories - Pic WEIGH


Ideal for identifying load weights as part of the wrapping process, the weighing plate sits under the turntable. With options available for all specifications advised, we can provide these for the Ecoplat Plus, Masterplat Plus and Rotoplat systems.

Manupackaging can also supply an integrated printer for the immediate programming, printing and application of weight identification labels.

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