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VT Auto

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The VT Automatic turntable is a powerful wrapping machine designed to be integrated into conveyor line-based operations; the roll conveyor system within the turntable (which can either be powered or gravitational rollers or mechanised chains) additionally eliminates the need for manual loading and unloading of pallets.

The built-in digital control system allows up to 20 wrapping profiles to be stored and recalled. Each profile can be individually defined with parameters such as simple or cross-wrapping film application, film tension, film stretch, wrapping density, turntable speed, number of revolutions (including number of starting and finishing revolutions), all to ensure perfect and efficient application of film, optimising consumption and reducing film expenditure.

The VT Automatic is additionally equipped with optical sensors for measuring the height of pallets and oriented turntable stop for more efficient unloading.

Additional accessories are available for the VT:

  • Automatic foil flattening and welding attachments
  • Extended columns for taller pallet wrapping
  • Dual motor film pre-stretching systems
  • Electrical top platen (for steadying unstable goods during the wrapping process)
  • Automatic topsheet applicators
  • Safety fencing and light barriers

To discuss whether the VT Automatic is the right machine for your packaging requirements, please speak to us today.


Wrapping capacity (pallets/hour)35
Turntable size (mm)900 (upgradable to 1100 & 1300 on request)
Number of programmable profiles20
Max. wrapping height (mm)2240 (2940 with extended column option)
Wrapped pallet size (LxW, mm)1200x800
Pallet height readingOptical
Turntable speed regulationInverter
Pre-stretching1 electric motor, controlled
Turntable speed (rpm)10
Max turntable load (kg)1500 (upgradable to 2500kg on request)
Machine dimensions(excluding accessories; LxW, mm)2435x1670
Air pressure (MPa)0.6-1.5
Operational voltage (V)3x400, 50Hz
Electric input (kVA)3.5




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