Compacta S Series

Compacta S Series

The Compacta S series of semi-automatic horizontal wrapping machines provides fast and efficient application of film to long and large goods for protection in storage and transit.

From the Compacta S4 with its 410mm diameter ring to the Compacta S12’s huge 1250mm diameter ring, a broad range of items can be wrapped for security or protection.

From the colour touch-screen panel, the full wrap process can be programmed and customised; head, tail and reinforcement wraps, their timings and number of wraps can all be specified to suit the product being wrapped. Pneumatic driven press rollers with automatic settling ensure the correct stabilisation of the products during the wrapping process and can be manually adjusted when wrapping products of varying sizes.

All Compacta S units come with a spool carriage unit that holds 125mm wide film, while the S9 and S12 models can also hold 250mm wide film. All carriages have an adjustable direct breaking transmission roller, and with its locking and quick release system, removal and loading of film spools, providing minimal machine downtime. The dual rod clamping and cutting system fully automates the wrap process, which is safely started using a foot operated pedal system.

All Compacta S systems work best with our Spiralite wrapping films.


Ring diameter (mm)4106109601250
Reel width (mm)50-12550-125125/250125-250
Maximum spool diameter (mm)200200200250
Maximum core diameter (mm)76767676
Maximum ring rotation speed (rpm)16012075 (125mm spool) / 60 (250mm spool)58
Conveyor feed speed (m/min)8-175-132-8 (125mm spool) / 2-14 (250mm spool)3-13
Minimum workable dimensions (w x h, mm)50 x 5070 x 7090 x 90150 x 150
Power supply (V)400400400400
Power supply frequency (Hz)50/6050/6050/6050/60
Installed power (kW)
Machine dimensions (l x h, mm)1355 x 13501355 x 17551375 x 2180 (125mm spool) /
1500 x 2180 (250mm spool)
1945 x 2700 (125mm spool) /
2070 x 2700 (250mm spool)
Adjustable conveyor height (mm)800 (fixed)800-920800-950800-1100
Conveyor width (mm)220305500815


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