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Manupackaging UK are the UK division of the global Manupackaging Group. Being based in Corsham, Wiltshire since 1992, we have always endeavoured to provide our customers the best price to quality ratio products to suit a wide range of packaging applications and processes.

We are proud to have a team of friendly packaging experts who are more than happy to listen to each individual customer’s packaging requirements, and confidently propose the correct combinations of materials and machinery available in order offer cost effective and reliable solutions for their needs. This level of service is synonymous with Manupackaging, making us trusted by thousands of customers worldwide.

As part of the Group, Manupackaging have innovative and industry leading research facilities; these facilities are constantly working to improve and refine our products to meet ever increasing demand for efficiency and environmental preservation.

Our group’s history is a slightly different story, going back almost a century:

Timeline - 1930

1930 Foundation of the Manuli Group

Founded by Dardanio Manuli in Milan, the company originally produced rubber tyres, tubes, hoses, electrical tapes and power cables. To this day the Group still operates out of the city, along with other European and South American sites.

Timeline - 1972

1972 The Invention of Stretch Film

By manufacturing and developing Polyethylene film the group pioneered the creation of stretch film, becoming the first European manufacturers in the process. The application of the film revolutionised the palletized transport industry by offering a more cost-effective method of product protection by increasing load stability while using less material.

Find out more about our stretch film products here

Timeline - 1992

1992 Manuli Packaging UK Founded

UK Directors Paul Grimes and Andrew Short entered into a collaboration with the Manuli Group, operating from a single warehouse in Corsham. Nearly 30 years later, the company now operates from three separate sites on the same estate including the original warehouse where it all began

Timeline - 1994

1994 Introducing Manuli Stretch

The Manuli Group began to introduce distribution offices on a European level to form the Manuli Stretch Group.

Timeline - 1998

1998 Manuli Packaging Argentina Founded

Based in Buenos Aires, the 7,600m2 Argentinian factory’s primary focus was to create additional production facilities for increased stretch film demand and development.

Timeline - 1999

1999 Introducing the Mega Plant

Schkopau in Germany is the heart of the Group’s production – With its 22,000m2 factory, the Mega Plant holds the Group’s stretch and cast Polypropylene film extrusion lines.

Timeline - 2000

2000 DRG Acquisiton

The 21st century was welcomed by the acquisition of DRG Plastic Films, thanks to a majority stake purchase by the group.

Timeline - 2002-2007

2002-2007 Global Expansion Continues

New sites are established in a further 8 countries around Europe as part of Manuli Distribution’s global strategy plan.

Timeline - 2010

2010 Manuli Fitasa Founded

The Group acquired a majority stake in Manuli Fitasa, further solidifying its position in the Brazilian market with the introduction of five distribution units around the country; the main being an 8,000m2 facility in Curitiba accommodating extrusion, orientation and conversion lines for stretch film, as well as tape printing and conversion lines.

Timeline - 2012

2012 Pre Lite in the UK

The UK site starts up conversion lines for the production of Pre Lite (our pre-stretched film). Pre Lite was an environmentally conscious step forward, offering considerable reductions in plastic consumption and increased economy through regular use, while maintaining the integrity of standard stretch films.

Find out more about our Pre Lite range here

Timeline - 2012 (2)

2012 Blown Extrusion Lines in Germany

Our Schkopau Mega Plant installs blown extrusion lines for the manufacture of heavier duty products such as high-performance multi-layer stretch hoods.

Timeline - 2014

2014 BOPP Tape in Argentina

Our Buenos Aires site expands to accommodate new production and conversion lines for Bi-oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) tapes.

Timeline - 2017

2017 Manuli Fitasa Expansion

Our Brazilian operations grow thanks to a new production plant built in Manaus.

Timeline - 2018

2018 OXY Acquisition

The Group is purchased by OXY Capital Italia S.R.L, a private investment firm with a portfolio spreading across Italy and Portugal.

Timeline - 2019

2019 We are Manupackaging

Following the Manuli family’s sale to OXY Capital Italia S.R.L. the Group is rebranded Manupackaging – Other than the name change the Group remains the same, continuing what we have always done – Deliver the best price to quality ratio products to our customers.

Timeline - 2020

2020 Introducing Manunature

Our focus has always been on optimising our film & reducing consumption & operating with the environment in mind. To this end, we have now developed our sustainable Manunature range; by refining our existing specifications, we have re-engineered our film to offer significant benefits including reduced consumption and waste creation, sustainability, biodegradability, increased recycled content and recyclability, and lower / negative carbon footprint.

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