Case Study: Top UK Logistics Company

A leading UK logistic company approached Manupackaging with a request to decrease their cost of stretch film, without reducing load containment.

Prior to a free STATS audit, the client was using 17mu stretch film to wrap their pallets by hand. Although the film was being applied for sufficient load containment and stability, our Manupackaging representative found the film consumption to be quite high due to the film's actual stretch capability not being fully achieved and therefore not being used as efficiently as it could be.

Manupackaging's representative was able to make recommendations based on collected data to recommend ways how the goods could be wrapped more efficiently, whilst still achieving the correct holding forces required by the pallet loads.

The selected recommendation was to change the existing film to our 7mu Pre-lite film; Pre-lite is easy to apply range of hand film and is supplied pre-stretched, requiring less physical effort from the user to be used more efficiently. This increased efficiency not only increases load containment, but it also reduced material consumption and material cost-per pallet. Additionally, the unique Pre-lite blend also provides the film with increased puncture resistance despite being 59% thinner than the client's previous film.

In all, the change to Pre-lite reduced the client's material consumption to just 103g per pallet, creating reduced waste impact and delivering an annual cost saving of over £42,000 for that location, while increasing total load containment forces by 24kg across the whole pallet.

The client was so pleased with the results and Manupackaging's support with the change, that we were asked to conduct further STATS audits at all of their UK based sites, showing the customer greater results through efficiency and waste reduction, incuding a total cost saving of around £370,000 per year.

(All data and figures correct at the time of auditing, and may not reflect current rates)


Film Grade 17mu Hand Stretch 7mu Pre-lite
Wrapping Information    
Revolutions to wrap 9 9
Load Circumference 4,400mm 4,400mm
Film Thickness 17mu 7mu
Containment Data    
Top load force 7.5kg 16kg
Middle load force 5kg 12kg
Base load force 7.5kg 16kg
Film Performance Data    
Consumption per pallet 249g 103g
Film stretch 15% 230%
Cost per pallet £0.49 £0.37


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