Case Study: Frozen Food Producer

Manupackaging UK worked with this customer to almost halve their stretch film expense, while increasing pallet holding forces and reducing plastic consumption.

Prior to this STATS audit, the customer was using a competitor's 17mu film to wrap approximately 1,000 pallets daily using a fully automatic wrapping machine. The pallets carried mixed products, so any proposals recommended had to factor this in.

Per usual audit practice, our Technical Representative surveyed the wrapping process, analysing the format of the pallets being wrapped, the machinery being used and its settings, and the existing film.

Trials and tests showed that using the 17mu film, the client was using 283 grams of film per pallet with 122% stretch - trialling with 12mu Manustar however showed they could wrap the same pallet with just 143 grams of film at 193% stretch. This higher stretch value not only helps further reduce plastic consumption per pallet, but thanks to Manustar's refined material blend it provides a higher load holding force. From a cost perspective, this nearly halved the client's existing film wrapping costs.

Switching to Manustar also provided the client with additional advantages in efficiency and waste handling; recent development in the production of the film's cores has allowed us to reduce the core weight of Manustar rolls to 1kg, and increase the volume of Manustar film on each core from 16kg to 17kg. This means that the length of the film on each roll is greatly increased, resulting in less machine downtime through fewer roll changes - and reduced cardboard waste creation as a result of fewer and lighter waste cores.

When used constantly, annual consumption calculations then showed that Manustar could offer the customer annual savings of over £132,000, and reducing their plastic consumption by over 51 tonnes through the one test site; thanks to Manupackaging's European presence, through purchasing rationalisation, this only provides the customer more significant opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint and pallet wrapping cross across their other European sites.

(All data and figures correct at the time of auditing, and may not reflect current rates)


Film Grade Competitor's 17mu Manustar 12mu
Wrapping Information    
Revolutions to wrap 19 18
Load Circumference 4,220mm 4,220mm
Film Thickness 17mu 12mu
Containment Data    
Top load force N/A N/A
Middle load force N/A N/A
Base load force 690g 756g
Film Performance Data    
Consumption per pallet 283g 143g
Annual Consumption 103,293kg 52,194kg
Cost per pallet £0.73 £0.37


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